Guild Battle Expectations

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Guild Battle Expectations

Post by Kurenai Kaji on Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:57 am

Good morning team!

I just want to point out a few expectations Team Insurgent has of it's members. Recently Leadership has changed and myself and Yoruichi have discussed plans about the guild. When me and Yoruichi have joined the guild it was just us two and our old leader Rorona. Guild battles were super easy (mostly due to the fact that Rorona was a beast) and we were up constantly against not present guild members or low level guilds.

Recently maybe due to our massive win ratio we've suddenly hit a challenging wall of guild battles. Enemy players being active, high level guilds players ranging from high 50's to low 70's and our bot players no longer being enough to pull out wins. We've started to hit a few losses and that's ok! Now we are seeing what it's like to be against challenging opponents.

Due to this we want to ensure our members are actively participating in guild battles. Guild battles are essentially the only essential part of the game, if you are not active in guild battles then there really isn't a point for you to be in a guild unless its just to be social. unfortunately guild rosters are extremely limited.

All members must be active in 66% of Guild Battles on a regular basis

This means you need to make a consistent effort to be available for 2 of the 3 guild matches a day. that's anywhere from 20-60 minutes per day. if your attendance drops below that consistently then myself and other leaders will discuss finding an alternate member for our guild in your place. It's nothing personal, but we want to win battles! Losing is fine, as long as it's as a team.

I will be requesting members to post their committed times for guild battles below, there are three slots. Please use my template below and paste your availability. Please Note, you must select two slots! if you select a slot you commit to that time. Highlight in red what slots you can make.

Guild Battles
Slot 1: 2pm
Slot 2: 7pm
Slot 3: 10pm

As you can see above I have committed to time slots 2 and 3. I must have be here for these 100% of the time. These rules will apply to all leaders also.

Now I understand you all have lives, so do I, so IF for any reason you cannot make your time commitments please let myself, Yoru or Reina know in advance. Doesn't matter the reason, just let us know. We all have social lives or important things to do. I will be making a final roster once I get everyone's replies here.

I dont think that is much to ask, we are a pretty laid back friendly guild and if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to let me know. You can also message me through the website for private matters.

Thanks guys and post your schedules below!
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