Ranked Battles

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Ranked Battles

Post by Kurenai Kaji on Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:15 pm

Hey guys!

I'm sure you've all seen the news about Ranked battles possibly starting up this Thursday. Details of the events below

I would like Insurgency to give this a run for it's money as the rewards will actually give special medals for UR gear! the better we do the better the rewards! Ranked Battles will only last for a week from July 9th to July 15th. So this isn't for a long duration and I think we can really kill it if we try! This is why I am trying to get people on the forums, let us set up a killer combo and take down our enemies.

Now during the ranked battles members are not allowed to leave or be kicked, so I want to stress good attendance over the next few days (Meaning please try to make your two battle slots) so that we don't have a reason to consider finding replacements.

Everyone please visit the Summon Monsters Thread and post your summons and their stats/effects so we can organize an optimal unison combo

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